TLDR; you can get 60% off a Listenable Subscription until May 10th, when you use this link and a coupon code of ‘TEACHER60’.

Longer version

So during lockdown last year, I put together an audio course – ‘Productivity Systems for Software Developers‘ – on the platform. .Though I must say, most of it is pretty universal to those working in the IT world. There’s A few more details on the benefits of the course here if you were interested.

Most developers seemed very happy with the course, but the feedback from some was that a subscription was pretty pricey, just to get that one course. So, until May 10th, you can get 60% off a Listenable Subscription, and that gets you way more than just my course, at a decent price.

Here’s a screenshot of the topics my course covers, if you were interested:

Amongst other things, a subscription to Listenable gets you access to my course for 1 year.

60% ‘Teachers discount’ now available

Recently, have added me to their ‘featured teachers’ list, which means anyone who is keen on getting hold of my course, can now do so, for just $2USD a month.

This gives you heaps of bite-size audio courses you can listen to anywhere – I’ve included a screen grab of some of the available categories.

A subscription to Listenable gets you access to hundreds of courses.

What do I need to do?

Just visit my course from this link, and click unlock course and sign up. On the checkout page, enter the coupon code of ‘TEACHER60’ on the checkout page as shown, and it will drop from $4.99 to 2USD.

How to claim 60% off your subscription to Listenable.

But it’s only valid until May 10th – sorry about that!!

By James