TLDR; After having to switch to Freeplane after a Mac font upgrade I discovered a useful feature where you can ‘deep link’ to a specific node. This is a great little hack for meeting preparation. I love working ‘asynchronously’ and coming to a meeting prepared.

Using Freeplane instead of freemind

Another article covers the problem here – Monterey OS has font upgrade that has rendered freemind useless on Mac. It doesn’t look like the developers are going to fix it either.

Thanks to another comment from a user, I was introduced to Freeplane. It’s a better upgrade to Freemind in my opinion. It still ticks all my boxes as a mind-mapping tool – most importantly it’s a desktop app that can be available when the internet connection fails.

What I discovered about the tool was the ability to link to specific nodes within the map. As I will show, this is a handy little hack for preparing for your meetings.

Using a recent example from work, I need to discuss a design on return shipping labels (I work for Australia Post). I used Freeplane to makes notes to prepare for the team discussion. As it’s a work thing I can’t show the full details, so I have collapsed those nodes within Freeplane. However you can see a summary of what I wanted to discuss with the team in the ‘Return Label Fix’ node.

So now we want to be able to use this feature, right? I found the helpful answer here to set this up.

So I can use the ‘set the anchor’ feature here. This sets us up for outside access.

Then we can make a link to this anchor.

So now we have a node we can use:

Now I use this in OmniFocus – when the time comes for my meeting I need a “deep link” to my mind-map notes.

It’s then a simple case of setting the date and time I need these notes, and simply using the terminal to launch Freeplane with the mind map as a parameter (including the node).

And then, awesome! I have my mindmap open at the correct node, and I can get my ‘thread back’ straight away. I love being able to decouple my note taking from my “use in a meeting”.