AWS Developer Associate Offer – Free Flashcards (Expired)

Get over 50 free flashcard sets when you purchase an exam guide!

Sorry this offer has now expired.

Build your longer term knowledge of AWS

If you’ve been following my AWS study plan, you’ve seen I’ve been encouraging you to generate your own questions as you go. The questions have come from my own flashcards and are designed to speed you up.

By thinking about these, questions, hopefully you pique your curiosity and get thinking about the fundamentals rather than exam trivia. I’ve always said you want to be able to do the job as well as just get the piece of paper.

Here’s a screenshot from of just a handful of my flashcards. I use this as a tool to build up my library of knowledge. It’s pauid, but you could use for free, asn example.

Cram flashcard set of general security principles in AWS

As well as answers to the study questions you already have access to, the flashcards give you some deeper concepts to push yourself on learning AWS.

General concepts + exam practice = better chance of passing

It’s no risk to you

If you’re serious about passing the exam, I really think you’ll need some practice papers. The only money I’m making from this is the affiliate referral fee, so it’s costing you no extra to get the exam guide, but you will get a stack of extra study materials.

And I really think you’ll benefit from some targeted exam practice to go with your study of the fundamentals.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

First you need to buy through the actual affiliate link . After that email me confirmation of your purchase from Whizlabs. After that, we’ll get you set up with over 50 decks in CSV format.

Then you can import them into Cram, Anki, or any other flashcard tool you use (as long as it supports CSV of course).

Any questions? Drop me an email and we can discuss!




Obvious disclaimer but I’ll put it here anyway. It’s a just a jumping off point for you – you can add your own tests to these flashcards, and build your own self-paced learning. Whether you pass the exam is down to the work you put in, I’m just telling you the techniques that helped me, and that have paid the biggest long-term dividends to me.