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Having a well structured study plan will help you pass the AWS Developer Associate exam. I’d like to share with you the study plan that helped me pass the AWS Developer Associate 2019 on my first go. Hopefully it will be valuable to you as well.

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How long will study take?

That’s entirely up to your prior AWS experience and the time you can commit per week.

In my case I had a 16 week timetable of content, and then 3 weeks of intense practice with exam papers. I’ll provide you with a timetable upfront, so you can go at whatever pace you take.

It’s broken down by goals and not weeks, so you can get the concepts under your belt before moving on.

Does it include practice papers?

No, this guide is to get you ready for practice papers and ultimately the exam. If you just do practice papers you’ll get good at answering the specific questions. If you build on concepts week by week, and test yourself properly – then you’ll be able to answer general questions – which means you’re less likely to trip up in the exam.

When you’ve finished that timetable, you can move onto doing practice papers.

What’s in the study guide?

The study plan consists of the following, all of which is completely free:

  • A timetable to focus your efforts week by week
  • A guide on how to understand the exam set up
  • An explanation of how to set up your study with spaced reminders
  • An explanation of how to schedule your study to build on concepts week by week

How Does the AWS Study Guide Pack Work?

You’ll get an email with materials that you can use straight away:

  • A timetable to schedule your efforts
  • Free flashcards for weeks 1 and 2
  • A study guide that explains how to plan your work.

Does It Cost Anything?

The training plan is completely free of charge. I want to see others approach their training in a more structured way, and this is my way of being able to help with that.

How do I get the plan then?

If you’re interested, you can sign up here:

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