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If you want to improve as a software developer, start here! In a nutshell, you need to invest in yourself. I learned the hard way what happens when you don’t. Maybe the points below will strike a chord.

Do any of the below sound like you?

Where is this work-life balance we’re supposed to have? I’m burning out!

It feels like I’ve got “1 years experience 10 times” rather than “10 years experience”.

I don’t where to start fixing things. I’m lost.

It’s a struggle to move quickly enough to get the job done.

Others always seem to have the answers, or even ask the right questions.

I want to add strings to my bow other than just “hard skills”.

How to improve as software developer

If so, you’re not alone!

I pondered all the above points myself. I wanted to improve as a software developer, but every time, the pace of change got too much for me.

But one day I nearly got fired for underperforming. That focused me.

You don’t need to make that mistake.

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I turned it around and learned along the way

I managed to not get fired. In some ways it was the best thing that could have happened to me. To improve as a software developer you need to think analytically. If I’d have not have had that experience, I’d have just carved out a mediocre career and drifted from job to job. This wake-up call forced me to find purpose and meaning in my job.

I worked some things out for myself and got some help from others. But one thing’s for sure, things have changed.

  • I’ve gone from an intermediate (and very mediocre) to a senior Java developer.
  • I Passed my AWS Developer Associate Certification, going for the DevOps one next!
  • I’ve Written an e-book targeted at new/graduate developers.
  • I produced an audio course on productivity systems for the IT professional.
  • I gave a lecture at Monash University in Melbourne on how to be more effective in your career.
  • I mentored at UniHack, a Hackathon event in Australia and New Zealand.

I learned a lot on the way.

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