Learn How to Learn

The one constant we have as developers is change. So the ability to learn new concepts quickly is crucial. Some specifics below:

Active Learning

  • To learn more effectively, you don’t want to be ‘passively’ consuming information – I’ve used flashcards to change the way I learn. Here’s a 101 on spaced repetition, in the context of my completing my AWS Developer Associate exam.
  • I’ve also combined flashcards with Unit tests with great effect in my career – see why ‘Learning Tests‘ are such great bang for buck.


  • If we want to learn faster, we need what I think of as ‘blocks of expertise’ which we can use as foundations for further experience. I wrote a bit about how a developer can leverage that here.
  • I’m a huge fan of mind-maps too, and they can help with building these chunks.


As well as enjoying the coursera “Learning how to Learn” MOOC, I’ve enjoyed reading the following and written about them.

Applications of Techniques

  • I got my AWS Developer Associate qualification in March 2020, using the techniques I had learned. More about that here.

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