Graduate/New Starter Resources

I recently wrote “How to Supercharge Your First 6 Months as a Software Developer“, a guide for those just starting out wanting to get up to speed quickly. It’s based on my own experience training new starters, amongst other things.

Article on why it might help you here.

Free sample of the book here.

Full book for purchase on Gumroad here.

AWS Developer Associate Certification

Whizlabs practice tests (Whizlabs, Affiliate Link)

Whizlabs 1 year subscription offer at 50% off (Whizlabs, Affiliate Link)

Whizlabs Black Friday offer (Use coupon of BLACK21 with the link)

How to use Whizlabs Practice Papers

DynamoDB Deep Dive (Whizlabs, Paid)

AWS Study Plan Sign Up Page (Free)

Dynamo DB Learning Tests (Free)


Getting Things Done – a book that changed my career in terms of getting organised and on top of things.

The Mind Gym – action packed full of strategies for how to reframe the way you think, and how to get win-win scenarios.

Make it Stick – some in-depth pointers in how we learn and understand.


Productivity Course on Listenable (an audio course on how to set up a system to improve your ways of working.)

Remote Working Cheat Sheet (courtesy of Think Productive Australia).

Getting Started with GTD (a primer I wrote).

GTD in a sprint (how to fit it into your day job).

Tools I Use


OmniFocus (here’s a tutorial on getting started with an agile sprint)